Maria Blinova

Certified DrawPj.com Online Instructor and Norwegian Bokmal Translator

 Bergen, Norway

About Maria

“Hello everyone. My name is Maria Blinova. I am from beautiful St-Petersburg in Russia. I now live with my husband and daughter in the land of fjords and northern lights – Norway. I have a PhD in geophysics, I’m a Certified DrawPj Instructor and have translated the Complete Course into the Bokmal language.

All my childhood I loved to draw. When my daughter was born (I was 33 years old) I got the strong desire to start to draw again. I decided to become a children’s book illustrator thinking that it could give me the possibility of revisiting my childhood and discovering my passion for art again, sharing the beautiful moments of it with others.

I always have had some ideas and pictures in my imagination, but I did not know how to put them on paper, or simply where to start. I needed to learn basic drawing techniques and theory. So at the time I started to look for the drawing courses that could fit in the daily routine of a mom with a full time job.

I was really blessed to find the Cindy’s online drawing school. Cindy’s blissful inspiration and assistance inspired me to not only study her course but also to continue my studies and become an instructor, so that I can share my experience and knowledge with others.

The only thing you need to keep doing, is to follow Cindy’s wisest advice – “just show up at the table, and the rest will take care of itself”.

Bryggen by Maria Blinova

Rhododendron by Maria Blinova

Rhododendron by Maria Blinova

The Storyteller by Maria Blinova

The Storyteller by Maria Blinova