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Artworks by DrawPj Students and Alumni

'Before and After' Self Portraits

The drawings here represent the progress of students drawing skills while studying The Complete Course. You will notice on the left side that students enter the course at various levels of drawing ability, but everyone achieves a dramatic improvement as seen on the right side. The ‘before’ images were completed prior to the students’ first week of tuition. The ‘after’ drawings were completed after studying this course for a total of approximately 63 hours over 21 weeks.

Example Student and Graduate Artworks

These are examples of original artworks and studies created by DrawPj students and graduates. As you can see our student are all using knowledge and fundamental skills gained during their course to create beautiful works in a wide range of styles.

Example Student Course Exercises and Projects

Here you’ll find a selection of artworks created by DrawPj students during their course exercises and projects, from their first lines right through to the first inklings of success and mastery of their medium!

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