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Please note!

If you are enrolled in a course package that includes 3 complimentary video critiques then please just refer to the first three study blocks when sending your assignments. Thank you!

What is a Study Block and how does it work?

A Study Block is a selection of related exercises and projects from the course. Once completed, you will email your drawings to your DrawPj Mentor. A list of Study Blocks can be found further down this page.

What kind of feedback can I expect?

Your DrawPj Mentor will then send you either video or written feedback (depending on what is most appropriate method at the time) via email to let you know where you have done well and exactly how you can improve.

Summary of Study Blocks

Construction Drawing Section (CD)

Study Block 1
  • Pre-instruction Drawing
  • Examples of Scribble Gesture Drawing
  • Examples of the Sketching Technique
  • Peppie the Pup or Tallulah Ted
Study Block 2
Submit one of the following graded projects:

  • Fred the Sausage Dog
  • Cyril Squirrel
  • Marmalade the Rabbit
  • Oscar the Cat
  • Cuddly Cat Toby
Study Block 3
  • The Old Hay shed (fully completed)

Shading and Form (SF)

Study Block 4
  • Three ways to shade (submit examples for soft edge, hard edge and gradation)
  • Value scale (submit a six-level value scale)
Study Block 5
  • Shade four shapes
Study Block 6
  • Drawing of a Column Fold
Study Block 7
  • Either ‘Puddles the Boot’, the ‘Silver Kettle’ or ‘Shoe Well Travelled’ as directed by your DrawPj Mentor (graded project)

Portraiture Foundations (PF)

Study Block 8
  • Four facial features
Study Block 9
  • Portrait of Isha
Study Block 10
  • 12 Charcoal Techniques
Study Block 11
  • Long hair or short hair
Study Block 12
This is a graded project:

  • Choice of:
    • Portrait of ‘Just Me’
    • Self Portrait
    • Portrait of Sumaya

Perspective and Proportion (pencil)

Study Block 13
  • Perspective floor boards
  • Perspective floor tiles
Study Block 14
  • Perspective book case
  • Perspective ellipse
  • Perspective fence Posts
  • Perspective open Door
  • Perspective steps
Study Block 15
  • Draw the outline of an interior room – filled with furniture
Study Block 16
This is a graded project:

  • ‘Cosy Cottage’ or ‘Little House in the English Countryside’ as directed by your DrawPj Mentor

Coloured Pencil

Study Block 17
  • 12 Coloured Pencil Techniques
Study Block 18
  • Colour wheel
Study Block 19
  • Colour Swatch
  • Colour scheme abstract pattern
Study Block 20
  • African Daisy
Study Block 21
This is a graded project:

  • Juicy Apple or Double-Hearted Rose (as directed by your DrawPj Mentor)


Study Block 22
  • List ideas in three categories that could inspire an artwork
  • Create a rough thumbnail sketch
Study Block 23
  • Submit 4 thumbnails with each of the four different composition structures:
    • L-Shape
    • Foreground Frame
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal.
Study Block 24
  • Research Art Styles of master artists and colour an image in the hard edge style
    (select from the images provided or create your own abstract design and use your own colour scheme to create a pleasing image)
Study Block 25
  • Begin the process to create your own original drawing
  • Consider the heart and soul stage for your idea
  • Create your thumbnail sketch
Study Block 26
This is a graded project:

  • Complete your original drawing that you began in Study Block 25 by adding coloured pencil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Study Block take to complete?

Approximately 2 to 4 hours for Study Blocks containing exercises and projects.

Approximately 6 to 8 hours for Study Blocks containing major projects

Are there any deadlines for sending my Study Blocks to my DrawPj Mentor?

You can study entirely at your own pace.

Can I ask my DrawPj Mentor Questions as I complete each Study Block?

Yes you can ask your DrawPj Mentor questions at any time.

Can I Study Everything in the Course?

You are free to study every single thing in the course if you wish (but as you might have noticed, the Complete Drawing Course is huge!)

When studying with your DrawPj Mentor though, you can only send the exercises and projects associated with each study block for feedback.

Your DrawPj Mentor will provide feedback on additional items from the course only if they have recommended them to you for extra practice.

Will my work be graded?

The grading system is very simple:

A ‘Pass’ will be awarded when your DrawPj Mentor has determined that your work has reached the appropriate standard.

Your DrawPj Mentor will work closely with you to ensure you can achieve a pass for each section.

When you earn six passes (one for each section) then you will be awarded your certificate.

Still have questions?

If so, we’re more than happy to help you

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