Frequently Asked Questions and Terms

Note: This FAQ and Terms apply to course enrolments on or after 5th Jun 2019.
For enrolments prior to this please see this FAQ and Terms

What art supplies do I need for the Complete Online Drawing Course?

Please see the recommended art supplies page

Issues during your course

If you have any problems at all:

  • For course related issued contact your instructor or support@drawpj.com
  • For technical, account or payment related issues please contact DrawPj.com support (support@drawpj.com)

Risk free 30 day 100% money back guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your enrolment at DrawPj.com. If for any reason you feel that our courses are not right for you then contact admin@drawpj.com within 30 days of initial purchase. For monthly subscriptions this applies only to the most recent payment.

What kind of computer equipment do I need to study the Complete Online Drawing Course?

The DrawPj Academy is best experienced on a PC, Laptop, or Tablet with a fast broadband internet connection in order to view HD videos. Access to a printer is also recommended for printing course workbooks. You will also need to either scan or photograph your artworks to email to your DrawPj Mentor.

Do I have to use Facebook to study your courses?

You do not have to be a Facebook user to participate in this course. You only need access to Facebook if you wish to take part in the DrawPj Beginner Drawing Family Group to connect with your fellow students and share your work.

What kind of feedback is provided?

When you enroll in a program which includes instructor support and feedback you can receive critiques from your DrawPj Instructor (otherwise known as a DrawPj Mentor).

  • Instructor feedback will be provided either via recorded video screencast, email correspondence, and/or PDF document depending on the complexity of the feedback required.
  • Long and in-depth feedback is generally provided via recorded video screencast (for example when you first submit an assignment).
  • In all cases your instructor will try and match the best communication method to suit the assignment.

If you are enrolled in a self-study program (or program with a limited amount of feedback included) you can instead join our Facebook group ‘The Beginner Drawing Family’ for feedback from the community on your drawings. Please see the rules pinned at the top of the Facebook group for more details.


How do I earn a certificate and what kind of certificate is issued when I complete the Complete Online Drawing Course?

Official signed DrawPj certificates are only available for students studying the Complete Online Drawing Course with full isntructor support for the whole program.

Certificates are issued when you have successfully completed (and submitted to your instructor) all study blocks and completed all quizzes (with a score of 85% or higher) for all six sections.

Certificates are issued upon completion of the DrawPj Mentoring Program

  • Printed Certificate of Completion (issued and signed by course founder Cindy Wider and co-founder Stuart Wider)

Certificates for DrawPj Mentoring Program individual sections

  • A printable Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you by your instructor as a pdf file, at the end of each section (if all study blocks have been completed.)

Usage and License Terms

DrawPj.com courses and associated resources are protected by copyright and are licensed for the personal use of students with an active enrolment as per the enrolment or membership purchased. They may not be distributed in any way or used for commercial or non-commercial teaching purposes without the express permission of the author.

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