Watercolor blocks can be great for colored pencil drawing. They are so much more convenient for small drawings than the huge single sheets of watercolor paper that you might find for sale in the paper drawers at your local art shop.

In this video I’m using Saunders Waterford Classic Watercolour paper from St Cuthberts Mill, which I find is an excellent match for use with my Derwent Coloursoft Pencils.

The only problem is that the paper in watercolor blocks is generally stuck with glue on all 4 sides so that watercolor artists can use the block to paint on.

For colored pencil work you need to extract these lovely sheets from the block so you can pop them on your drawing board.

It can be a little puzzling if you’ve never used one of these blocks before so I show you the way that I safely separate the sheets using a craft knife, ready for your coloured pencil creations.

(disclaimer… craft knives are sharp and if you slip you could cut yourself, so take all necessary precautions to ensure your own safety before trying this.)

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