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The Complete Drawing Certificate Course

The Complete Drawing Course is ideal for students of all levels seeking a solid foundation of fundamental art skills

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Course and Curriculum features

Full Instructor Support

Every weekly exercise and project you complete is commented upon by your personal instructor on a one-to-one basis via recorded video-screencast and email correspondence.

Freedom and convenience

Study in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you via email. No need to travel just to attend a class.


Easy to understand comprehensive HD videos and course workbooks. The Complete course is famous for in-depth learning with no details missed.


All Drawing Mediums

Course includes graphite, charcoal and coloured pencil techniques.

Ideal for Beginners

Suitable for absolute beginners and also for more experienced artists wishing to fill skill gaps.


CPD Certificate

CPD Certificate and Certificate of completion when you complete all six Instructor Supported units.

No prior experience required!

Get started in the first week with just a pencil and some paper

'Before and After' Self Portraits

The drawings here represent the progress of students drawing skills while studying The Complete Course. You will notice on the left side that students enter the course at various levels of drawing ability, but everyone achieves a dramatic improvement as seen on the right side. The ‘before’ images were completed prior to the students’ first week of tuition. The ‘after’ drawings were completed after studying this course for a total of approximately 63 hours over 21 weeks.

Learn online from home via email correspondence

Your Personal Art Instructor

When you enrol you will be assigned to one of our trained personal art instructors.


Real Feedback on your Progress

Your personal art instructor will guide you through the course, providing video screencast and email feedback on your progress every step of the way, commenting on every exercise.

Specially Trained Instructors

Each instructor has been specially trained to the highest standards by Course Founder and leading internet art educator Cindy Wider.

Here’s how the Complete Drawing Certificate Course works…

Step 1.

Download and read your course workbook and watch the HD videos.


Step 2.

Complete your exercises or project

Step 2.

Scan or photograph your work

Step 4.

Email your work to your instructor


Step 5.

Your Instructor will provide detailed feedback via recorded video screencast and email correspondence on how you can improve and any corrections you should make

How is the Course Structured?

Six individual course units

Seven week study plan per unit

42 weeks minimum to complete the full course

More than 200 HD videos

37 fully printable course books

*42 week total course duration is based upon sending one major exercise or project to your instructor per week, studying between 2 to 4 hours on a weekly basis.

When studying regularly and taking breaks between units (and during holiday periods) completion of the full course within one year is achievable. There are no assignment deadlines though. Study at your own pace.

Certificates are issued upon completion of all six instructor supported units.

Discover more about the course units and curriculum below:

Unit 1: Outline Drawing

Unit 2: Shading and Form

Unit 3: Portraiture Foundations

Unit 4: Perspective and Proportion

Unit 5: Coloured Pencil Technique and Colour Theory

Unit 6: Compose Original Art

Self Teach

includes 3 weeks complimentary instructor support
  • Access to the DrawPj Academy which contains over 200 HD videos and 37 in-depth course workbooks for all six Complete Drawing Course units
  • Complimentary Personal Art Instructor feedback via email for the first three weeks of the course to get you off to a flying start
  • Access to the DrawPj Private Facebook community
  • Option to upgrade to a full instructor support plan or just remain as a self-teach student with no more to pay
  • Two years access to Complete Drawing Course resources and updates
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
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Single Payment

Full instructor support - All six units
  • Save $227 when compared to the monthly plan
  • Study all six Complete Drawing Certificate Course units with full instructor support
  • Access to the DrawPj Academy which contains over 200 HD videos and 37 in-depth course workbooks for all six Complete Drawing Course units
  • One-to-one Personal Art Instructor feedback via recorded video screencast and email correspondence for every weekly exercise and project
  • Certificate of Unit Completion
  • Certificate of Course Completion and CPD certificate hand signed by course author and co-founder Cindy Wider when all units are completed
  • Access to the DrawPj Private facebook community
  • Up to two years to complete your course
  • Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
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