Maria BlinovaIt’s time to introduce another member of our wonderful DrawPj.com team, Maria Blinova.

Originally from beautiful St-Petersburg in Russia, Maria now lives with her husband and daughter in the land of fjords and northern lights – Norway.

Not only is Maria a certified DrawPj Instructor (running both live drawing classes and mentoring online), Maria has also translated the Complete Course in the Bokmal language.

Maria has always loved drawing since she was a child, however, she went on to study Geophysics and gained a Phd. Everything changed though when her daughter was born and she got the strong desire to draw again and reignite her childhood passion.

That’s when Maria began studying with Cindy, who was so impressed by Maria’s dedication to the course and her studies that she invited Maria to train to become an instructor. Maria has since gone on to establish her own art school in Norway based on Cindy’s programs.

Example of Maria’s Drawings

Rhododendron Drawing by Maria Blinova

Study with Maria

If you would like to study one-to-one with Maria register for the DrawPj Mentoring Program. Specifically mention Maria when completing the application form.