Latest Course Video Updates

We’re constantly busy creating new videos to add to the Complete Drawing Certificate Course on a weekly basis. Right now we’re focusing on Unit 1: Outline Drawing and Unit 5: Coloured Pencil.

Here’s a summary of the videos added to the DrawPj Academy over the last three weeks:

The Cindy Wider Method

  • A Guided Tour of my Table and Pencil Drawing Materials
  • How to set up a Drawing Desk (this is how I arrange my table)

Unit 1: Outline Drawing

  • Create Your Pre-instruction Self Portrait Drawing
  • Pencil Sketching Technique
  • Smooth Shading Technique
  • Broad Stroke Technique
  • Chisel Point Technique
  • Fine Lines Technique
  • Hatching Technique
  • Cross Hatching Technique
  • Erasing Technique
  • The Graphite Transfer Method
  • Project – The Old Hay Shed

Unit 5: Coloured Pencil Techniques and Colour Theory

  • Introduction to the Colour Wheel
  • Technique One: Sharp Point
  • Technique Two: Dull Point
  • Technique Three: Gradation
  • Technique Four: Blending
  • Technique Five: Scumbling
  • Technique Six: Hatching
  • Technique Seven: Cross-Hatching
  • Technique Eight: Striking Strokes
  • Technique Nine: Impressing
  • Technique Ten: Pointillism
  • Technique Eleven: Layering
  • Technique Twelve: Erasing
  • The Colour Swatch
  • Six Colour Schemes
  • Seeing Colour as Tone

Access to all these video updates is included in the Complete Drawing Course.