In this post we continue our series introducing the individual members of our wonderful DrawPj.com instructor team.

Brigitte has previously led an adventurous life having travelled around the world for five years in a yacht built by her husband along with three young sons.

It was way back in 2005 though that Brigitte’s adventure with DrawPj.com began. These were the ‘early days’ when Cindy presented live courses at ‘The StuartCindy Art’ studio in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia.

Brigitte was a very keen student and progressed with Cindy all the way from the regular classes through to professional mentoring, eventually being personally invited to become a Certified DrawPj Instructor in 2010.

Brigitte combines a caring nature with a very keen eye, enabling hundreds of DrawPj.com students to benefit from her laser focussed critiques over the years.

An Accomplished Artist

In March 2016 Cindy invited Brigitte to exhibit alongside her in a joint exhibition (titled ‘Contrasting Lives’) at the prestigious TYTO Regional Gallery in Ingham, Far North Queensland. The exhibition depicted the contrasting lifestyles that Cindy and Brigitte were experiencing as they lived on opposite sides of the world (Cindy was in the UK and Brigitte was in Australia at the time).

Brigitte has a deep connection with the ocean and wind movements and often creates her artworks  in a combination of semi abstract style with expressionistic techniques. Brigitte also enjoys drawing in realism using graphite pencil on paper.

Testimonials for Brigitte

It was just what I needed. Clear, detailed instruction, pertinent assignments that reinforced the principles being taught, and challenging yet doable projects geared to the level at which one was functioning.

Along with this came helpful feedback from an accomplished artist who is not only knowledgeable, talented, and perceptive, but also encouraging and supportive. She has been available and responsive in answering questions, and her comments have been timely and to the point. This go-around I am making progress and getting somewhere.

Thanks for caring Brigitte!

David Warrington - Texas USA

I am pleased that this course is so well designed; content broken into workable lessons with specific guidance, each lesson building on the prior one, and many examples for how the work should look.

I am even more pleased about the specific feedback I get from Brigitte, my instructor. She notes what I have done well and what I should improve on, plus makes recommendations for how to achieve the desired results. She reinforces the lesson content and encourages me to do better. That is a tricky accomplishment to be simultaneously candid and supportive and I value her feedback and suggestions. I am convinced that this is where the “learning” occurs.

Marilyn Martin - USA

Study with Brigitte

If you would like to study one-to-one with Brigitte register for the DrawPj Mentoring Program. Specifically mention Brigitte when completing the application form.

More about Brigitte

For more information about Brigitte view Brigitte’s Team Profile.