Making a Business from Art

How to Become Famous in the Newspapers With an Artists Press Release

Want to be famous? Want to see your face in the paper? Get started on your road to road to fame and fortune by creating artist press releases to send to your local newspapers. Journalists are busy, so give them everything they need to make their jobs easier and you’ll stand a better of chance of seeing your face beaming out your local rag. Its easier than you think!

How to Get in an Art Gallery Without Trying (and how I did it twice)

You’ve stood outside the gallery and gazed in just wishing that your artworks could be in there, under the bright halogen lights that make every artwork look like its worth a million dollars. If only the gallery director would see your work, if only he would give you a chance, then your dreams could come true. Is its really possible? Could it happen? Well yes it can, but first you have to go under the radar!