cute little bird with nativity scene by peta Turner

Illustrator: Peta Turner Title: Nativity Wonder Size: 17 x 17cm Medium: Derwent Inktense and Colored Pencil on paper

Have you ever dreamed of drawing and coloring in a nostalgic children’s picture book style? What if I told you it’s actually easier than you might think?

Drawing and coloring characters in a children’s picture book illustration style is such an amazing experience. There’s this special kind of feeling of escapism, happiness, and wonder as the drawings of your dreams and imagination come to life before your eyes!

Take a look at the charming image (above) that my mentored student and member from Cindys Drawing Club  Peta Turner has just created. This adorable little bird character and scene was brought to life totally from her imagination.

Read what Peta has to say about her gorgeous illustration:

“I love Christmas and especially the nativity story. There is something that fascinates me about what it must have felt like for Mary and Joseph, gazing upon the newborn Jesus, Saviour of the World, born in such humble surroundings. ”

Now Peta can take her lovely picture and print it onto Christmas cards, gift tags, mugs, notebooks or whatever she pleases. There are plenty of print-on-demand companies that enable us to do exactly that. The possibilities of what we can do with our images is something that we’re discussing right now in our drawing club.

Now it’s your turn

Inside Cindys Drawing Club I’ve designed a full character illustration and coloring course for you (along with a lovely friendly community away from Facebook and all the noise of unwanted ads and other distractions.)

The club is filled with wonderful people who are ready to support one another all the way. We even have our own easy-to-use App supported by Mighty Networks.

Imagine how it would feel as you experience the delight and admiration on the faces of your friends, family, and loved ones when they see your incredibly beautiful children’s picture book style illustrations and characters. Who knows you might even illustrate a book to keep as a family heirloom.

Take a look at these adorable totally original little character bears (below) by another of my mentored students in Cindys Drawing Club Anne Neumann:

cute teddies by anne neumann

Illustrator: Anne Neumann medium: Ink and Watercolor

No experience is necessary

The wonderful thing about this simple and fun style of character illustration is that it can be learned at any age. My course will take you from the very beginning through to creating your own cute whimsical characters. We’ll start out just by sketching simple lines and curves then move into shapes. In my Character Illustration Course – I’ll show you how to create then color your own characters using watercolors, inks and colored pencils even if you’ve never drawn since a child.

Take a look at my alumni-mentored student and current member Colleen Cooke’s adorable illustration (below) of a cute Bear from our course, he’s happily dozing away amidst the autumn leaves.

dozing bear by colleen cooke

Illustrator: Colleen Cooke Medium: Watercolor and ink

Drawing from life and imagination

Along the way, in this course you’ll learn how to quickly and easily draw simple objects around your room and garden. You learn how to draw little woodland and farm animals as well as many other wonderful things. My ‘Character Illustration Course’ is found in Cindy’s Drawing Club

I look forward to seeing you in the club. Come join in the fun!

Happy drawing times!


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