Enter Competitions

Another Curriculum Vitae expanding strategy which you can be getting on with while the art market is flat on its back like a fly-sprayed cockroach is to enter competitions. There’s the extra bonus too that if you win one you might be able to top up the coffers with a little prize money too. Again, these artworks can be out there in the world, spreading the good news of how brilliant you are ready for when things pick up. Everyone loves a winner, so why not invest a bit of time in becoming one?

…but at the same time, just to keep the ravenous wild howling canines from the door maybe you should also consider…

Doing something else for $$MONEY$$ (at least part-time)

If you are the kind of artist who comes under the category of “financially independent baby-boomer millionaire retiree who can do whatever you please” then please stop painting right now. Instead please immediately start buying up cheap properties and shares. You need to do your duty to the artworld by having an excess cash to burn on the artworks of other less financially independent artists when the recession turns into rampant optimism 😉 Support the Artworld that you purport to love 🙂

For all others…yes, I know, it makes you feel sick right down to pit of your stomach to consider doing other things for $$cash$$money$$.  I empathise, I really do, but you do need to put food on the table and stump up the monthly payments for that IPhone Maxi Cap plan that seemed such a good idea last year.

Okay, it’s time to take stock. Do you have some other readily marketable skills that you can sell right now?  I’m an artist through and through but I’m not ashamed to tell you that at this moment I create more commissioned websites than commissioned artworks, but does it make me feel any less of an artist?  Not one bit. It’s as simple as taking off one hat and putting on another.

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Real artists remain artists even when they are working in a different job to survive. Don’t be afraid to do new money generating things to fund your further artistic adventures until such time as the good times finally begin to roll again.

Oh, and while you’re at it….


Seriously. If you can afford it, go out there and live a little. See some stuff, experience something. Break out of your normal day to day. Fill up your inspiration and ideas account. Get recharged and ready for the new wave of  affluence. Yes I know that time might seem a long way off, but good times will return and you need to be good and ready, pumping out absolutely brilliant stuff when that time comes. That brilliant stuff comes from INSPIRATION. Go and get some.