A fantastic and very tasty looking Recipe for creating a personal organiser mini art portfolio for promotions on the go!

Buy one classy looking small to medium sized Filofax style personal organiser or equivalent, preferably in a nice arty colour. (Classy I said! No funky patterned designs…you don’t want to detract from your art). Your personal organiser choice should radiate ‘success’ and ‘taste’.

Take a selection of good clear pictures of your artworks, preferably using a digital camera with good resolution and edit them using the photo editing software of your choice so that they are cropped nicely with no unnecessary background, and then save those files for later.

Buy a hole punch suitable for making the kind of holes that a personal organiser needs. I bought an adjustable one which is suitable for just about any kind personal organiser.

Create a personal organiser page template in whatever word-processing, publishing or photo editing program you use. Make sure you leave some room on your template for the punched holes. Use one of your original personal organiser pages as a guide.

Drop the pictures of your artworks into your template and then print it out with a colour printer on a nice glossy photo paper.

Use a guillotine to chop the individual pages out of the photo paper sheet and then use your hole punch to make the holes in the edge of each page. Pop them into your personal organiser along with a set of contact details pages for notes of all the prospective clients you’ll be talking to and voila! You are ready to promote your upcoming exhibition any time, any place!

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