This is part 5 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

Have you ever challenged yourself with the task of arranging furniture to fit a specific area? How can you place items so that the room is aesthetically pleasing; or so that the room doesn’t appear too cluttered or sparsely furnished?

When you choose to arrange your furniture in such a way, you are using your natural ability for arranging objects relative to one-another – you are comparing spaces. You know when it looks too cluttered and when it doesn’t look quite right, so you adjust the placement until it feels pleasing to your eye. Nobody trained you to do this; it just feels right to you, which is why it’s a natural ability that you need to develop!

How does the Comparison of Spaces relate to drawing?

To create a likeness in art, you use this skill when comparing objects against the area of background space in your picture. This is known as comparing negative and positive spaces; and the major area of study relating to this is known as composition.

When creating art, you can learn many rules that can help you to guide your viewer’s eye around the composition, keeping them enthralled, enticed, excited and entertained!

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