This is part 13 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

You’ve now been introduced you to the basics of the Artist’s Language. While it can at first seem be quite a technical topic, once you actually just start using it, it become almost instinctive.

The Artist’s Language language is something which you only call upon at the start of your drawing sessions, to involve your mind in the process of drawing right from the beginning.

During the drawing process, if you find yourself confused or stuck in any specific area, all you need to do is to bring your mind back to your Artist’s Language and the types of questions that I have introduced to you.

If you practice this often; tapping into your Artist’s Language each time that you start drawing; the language will soon become as a part of yourself. Before you know it you will be using this language spontaneously and subconsciously!

By following all of this, you may find yourself in a blissful state, where your drawing flows naturally and spontaneously. This is what makes drawing so enjoyable and the most wonderful thing is that you will have learnt to enter this state on demand.

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