This is part 4 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

This natural ability comes into play when you cut up a chocolate cake, making sure that each slice is roughly the same size as the next.

This skill is also one which we use from an early age, as any child can tell you when they realise that their sibling’s portion of cake is slightly larger than their own!

It also becomes apparent when you feel a bit thirsty and decide to pour yourself a glass of cordial. Isn’t it interesting that each time you mix the cordial with water, the ratio between the two liquids is just about the same? In this instance, you have used your natural ability to compare quantities.

How does Comparison of Sizes relate to drawing?

To create a likeness in art, you can use this important skill to compare and size-up objects against each other. This is also known in the art world as maintaining proportion.

Traditional wisdom about ‘perspective’ and ‘sighting’ will help you to achieve more accurate proportions in your artworks.

What’s your next skill? Comparison of Spaces