This is part 3 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

Have you ever wondered how it is that you are able to automatically guess approximately what time of day it is, simply by glancing outside? A quick look at the sky gives your brain the information that it needs to work out this information.

This comes down to the second natural ability that you possess: the capacity to compare tones, across different spectrums of lightness and darkness.

How does Comparison of Tones relate to drawing?

When creating a likeness in art, this skill is at play when making important comparisons between, for example, deep and dark hues, right across to much lighter tonal values.

This process allows you to reproduce these tones and contrasts on the page in order to create a realistic image with depth and form.

There are five major areas of light and shadow that you can learn about in art. Knowing about these in detail really helps you to draw freely and expressively, whether the art is being created from life, imagination or a photograph.

Your Next Skill… Comparison of Sizes