This is part 14 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

Here’s another interesting fact that may be helpful, as you embark on this journey of ‘conscious drawing’.

During the process of drawing, you will study your subject intensely, drawing it over and over until you know it like the back of your hand.

Fortunately, there’s also a huge bonus that you get for all the effort. Not only will you discover things about your subject that you wouldn’t have imagined after just a glance, but this process will also help you to develop your visual memory for that object.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to draw the object from memory. The great thing about this is that, over time, you will gradually add different objects to your visual library. Eventually, you will find yourself drawing all kinds of wonderful things with ease and skill – directly from your imagination!

Your visual memory bank can also be called upon when drawing in a more expressive way, which involves interpreting and drawing the image in a way that is guided by your emotional state. Of course, this means that you are by no means restricted to realistic drawings alone – you might choose to take the process a step further by creating abstract and stylized shapes, colours and forms.

Doing this will enable you to fully express yourself. This is when the real fun begins. By moving on to expressive drawing, you will finally start to discover your own unique style of art.