Sooner or later when you are out and about in your daily life talking to people about your art and your next art exhibition you are going to come across famous, important or influential people who it might be good to invite along in an official capacity to open the show and say some nice things about you and your art to the crowd.

If you personally know or meet any famous celebrities or business people don’t be afraid to ask. Local high profile politicians are usually keen to get involved in theses kind of events if there is likely to be a large crowd (and especially if an election is looming). Often these people are only too willing to help you out if they like you, and can add to the credibility of your exhibition greatly if you can get them to come along.

A celebrity in attendance also helps greatly when you start publicising you exhibition to the press, and signals to the world that you are important because you are associated with important people. You might like to set aside a small piece of art as a gift for your chosen celebrity. It’s a nice way of thanking them for coming along, and it never hurts to be able to say “oh, yes my art is owned by [insert famous persons name]”.

BTW: The big beardy person who is pictured above is Big Bob Abbot – The Mayor of the Queensland Sunshine Coast who popped along to open my Wife’s Art Show at the Cooper Gallery, Noosa. He was on the campaign trail at the time (Big Bob for the Big Job!) and he did in fact get the big job. Well done Big Bob.