Liesbeth Ramon in the Studio

Liesbeth Ramon in the Studio

Liesbeth was a beginner when she started with DrawPj. She was mentored through the Complete Online Drawing Course by DrawPj Certified Instructor Brigitte Back. Now she’s discovered a whole new world of fun and relaxation as she creates gorgeous portraits.

Liesbeth’s drawing adventures have even led her to meet pop star Rihanna’s Mum in Barbados when she created a beautiful portrait of the internationally famous pop star.

I asked Liesbeth to chat with me about how she got started, her Rihanna adventure and her DrawPj experience. Here’s what Liesbeth had to say.

Interview with Liesbeth Ramon by Cindy Wider

Q. Liesbeth, Please can you Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from.

A. I am originally from Belgium and after having moved around both locally and internationally. I am now living in Virginia in the United States with my husband and two daughters. Virginia is a beautiful state. We have the Blue Ridge mountains in the west and the ocean in the east. Richmond, the capital where I live is centrally located between the two of them.

Q. What you are doing with your drawings right now?

A. Drawing for me is the biggest stress reliever I have ever known. When I draw I am in my own world, and hours can go by without me noticing it. When I draw I put on chillhop music and I diffuse peppermint oil and it’s so relaxing!

Emma by Liesbeth Ramon

“Emma” by Liesbeth Ramon

Where it all started

Q. So Liesbeth, can you tell us when did you first seriously decide you wanted to draw and what was your motivation?

A. I remember it clearly. It was on a day in September 2016 that I suddenly had the urge to pick up a piece of charcoal. I had no idea where this was coming from because I had never held charcoal in my hand or had never drawn in my life, except for the occasional art and drawing class in my school years. I decided to go with my gut instinct, and I picked up vine charcoal and on September 30th I created my first ever drawing: a banana! 😊

Liesbeth with the charcoal banana that started it all!

Liesbeth with the charcoal banana that started it all!

Discovering DrawPj.com

Q. How did you discover DrawPj.com

A. I immediately loved how the charcoal felt in my hand and I started to look for online classes. That is how I happened upon your  ’12 Charcoal Technique Course’. This 5-week course taught me so much in such a short time, and I just loved your thorough yet easy to understand instruction and approach and I craved to learn more. Shortly after having finished the charcoal course I signed up for your full drawing course ‘the Complete Online Drawing Course’.

Q. How would you rate your drawing and art skills before you began studying?

A. I had absolutely no art skills, I just decided to follow my intuition one day and went to the art store even though it didn’t make sense to do so because a stick figure drawing was challenging for me.

Q. When you started my course you create a pre-instruction drawing. What do you think when you look at that drawing now?

A. Whaw! I have come so far in such a short time frame! If I can learn how to draw, everyone can! 😊

Liesbeth Ramons 'Before the Course' and 'After Studying' drawings

Liesbeth Ramons pre-instruction self-portrait (left) and self-portrait created in the course (right)

Q. What kind of artworks are you creating now?

A. I love drawing portraits the most, especially in charcoal.

Q. How would you describe your drawing style?

A. Realism.

Liesbeth’s Favourites

Q. What’s your favourite drawing that you’ve created?

A. My favorite drawing is definitely the Rihanna portrait I did in charcoal last summer. I have been a huge fan of hers for 13 years and as soon as I started drawing it was something I hoped to one day be able to draw her portrait. When I was finally brave enough to start her portrait last summer I was constantly envisioning (day dreaming) that she would receive it. Last month we went on vacation to Barbados where Rihanna is from. I framed the drawing and brought it with me, because what if she were there? Wishful thinking right?! Luckily the island is small and I ran into her mom!! I showed her the portrait on my phone and she loved it and we made arrangements to drop it off the next day. I will keep dreaming big, because dreams can come true!

Rihanna by Liesbeth Ramon

“Rihanna” by Liesbeth Ramon

Q. What’s your favourite piece of drawing equipment?

A. My Derwent super point sharpener! I cannot live without it, I love it so much! It gives my charcoal pencils and colored pencils such a long, sharp tip. Great when working on details.

Q. What kind of pencils and paper do you prefer?

A. I like smooth surfaces the most. My favorite combo is the Strathmore toned gray paper with black and white charcoal pencils.

Studying with DrawPj

Q. How did DrawPj and my course help you to achieve the standard of artworks that you are creating now?

A. You’ve created something unique. The course is built up in such a way, that you build up slowly towards a final project per unit. Each step builds on the next, and everything you learn comes together in a fun project at the end of each unit. I have thoroughly enjoyed all exercises within the units. Because the course is so in depth it’s given me all the tools I need to create art works on my own.

Q. What’s been your favourite thing about studying with DrawPj?

A. I love the positive Facebook community. Everyone is so encouraging and we all motivate each other. The communication with my instructor has always been great as well. Brigitte is so responsive and always very helpful. I also love all the videos that you created alongside the notes.

Ballet Slippers by Liesbeth Ramon

“Ballet Slippers” by Liesbeth Ramon

Q. Is there a lesson or word of wisdom that you’ve learned from the instructor team, the course or myself that has been particularly helpful to you?

A. ‘Just show up at the table, the rest will take care of itself’, this is so true! Many times I get overwhelmed or scared to start on a new project, but then I tell myself to just show up at the table, and the rest really takes care of itself!

Liesbeth Ramon

Liesbeth Ramon

Liesbeth’s Drawing Super Power

Q. If you were a drawing superhero what would your special drawing super-power be?

A. My super-power would definitely be self-confidence. Many times, I doubt myself and don’t finish a project for a long time because I think I won’t be able to do it.

Advice for Beginners

Q. What words of advice would you give to a beginner student who is just starting out.

A. Follow Cindys instructions, and you can’t go wrong.

What’s Next for Liesbeth?

Q. What are your plans for your drawing and art in the future?

A. No real plans, except that I will always continue to learn and try new things and being able to occasionally make my friends and family happy with a drawing.

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Q. Where can we see more of your drawings and artwork?


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