This is part 1 of the series How to Draw Better Immediately – The Definitive Guide.

Introducing your Four Natural Abilities…

Most of us are born with a set of four natural abilities, which help us connect with the world around us. The Cindy Wider Method focuses on these natural abilities – refining, combining and enhancing them so that you can rapidly move forward with your journey of learning to draw.

Your Natural Abilities which can be used for drawing are:

  • Your natural ability to straighten things
  • Your natural ability to percieve levels of lightness and darkness
  • Your natural ability to be able to assess quantities
  • Your natural ability to arrange things in a pleasing manner

Major Comparison Skills

These four natural abilities are associated with major comparison skills and they are used automatically as a part of ordinary, day-to-day activities. However, when it comes to the process of drawing, you can actively combine these skills together in a way that is uniquely beneficial in terms of your drawing ability.

Natural abilities? Comparison Skills? This could get confusing! Stick with me; it will also begin to make sense very soon as we work through them one by one. 

The Four Major Comparison Skills are as follows:

  • Comparison of Angles
  • Comparison of Tones
  • Comparison of Sizes
  • Comparison of Spaces

Although the four comparison skills can never truly be separated out from each other, you can still place an emphasis on one over the other as you refine each one individually. Each of these four skills contribute differently to your overall drawing skill and come together as the whole skill of drawing. The course I have created The Complete Online Drawing Course includes exercises which have been carefully designed to help you tap into your four comparison skills: at first one-by-one and eventually all together.

But first lets take a look at your first major comparison skill…