Awarded by Course Founder Cindy Wider 
For the most promising artist is selected from all beginner and mentored level members. This prize includes a trophy, certificate and 12 months complimentary study under Cindy Wider in the Mentored Level area of DrawPj.com

Awarded to:
Scott Kunkle

Example artwork:
Title: ‘Jayne and Look-a-like Doll’
Medium: graphite on vellum
Size: 10 x 12 inches

Jayne and look alike doll by Scott Kunckle

Jayne and look alike doll by Scott Kunckle

Cindy Wider’s Comments
Scott, you continue to challenge yourself to improve, from one artwork to the next and your progression as an artist is amazing! Your subject matter is interesting and your technical ability is developing to a high standard. Your artworks have begun to evoke emotion, tell a story and there is a freedom of expression evident in your latest work ‘Good Samaritans.’ This self-expression only comes once an artist has begun to fully embrace the basic fundamental principles of art and true inner confidence begins to develop. I look forward to walking beside you as you continue to develop as a professional artist in the mentored level on Drawpj.com.