Creating folds in realism is an important foundation for the knowledge you need to create illustrative folds in character drawings as well. Many children’s picture book characters require you to understand how to draw folds.

In our course we teach 5 of the major folds as a foundation for learning to shade in 3 different ways.

Check out these gorgeous folds from our course, created by DrawPj mentored student Ryan Lee.

Ryan is doing extremely well, he completes all the extra practice exercises before handing in his course study block pieces. He has diligently applied his three ways to shade and taken great notice of the 5 major areas of light and shadow.

As a result he is making massive progress in a very short space of time. Well done Ryan, this is stunning work here.

Would you like to draw characters like these?

Follow along with Cindy Wider as she brings the wonderful world of 'Cuddlycat Family and Friends' to life.

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