Let’s all celebrate yet another success story for a DrawPj mentored student. These are the drawings created by Janet Daniel who has been studying under DrawPj.com certified instructor Tannis Trydal.

Janet Daniel - Pet Portrait Commission

In this showcase you can see Janet’s very first pre-instruction drawing when she came to us to learn to draw and an early drawing from our course. Then you can see her ‘after’ portrait at halfway through.

Janet Daniel - Before Portrait  Janet Daniel halfway through drawing course

After that she has really applied her skills independently. These are just a small handful of the amazing animal portraits she’s been creating.

Janet Daniel - Greyhound Portrait

Janet is now creating many commissioned artworks and selling internationally!  She is constantly busy with her pet portraits and can barely keep up with the demand.

Janet Daniel - Cat Portrait

All of this success and she is only part way through our course. Who knows where she will be in a few years time. Well done on such an amazing achievement Janet.

Janet Daniel - Horse Portrait