Take a look at the stunning progress made by our 14 year old student Ellie Mae in the USA. On the left you see the wonderful image Ellie created before she began studying the ‘Cindy Wider Method Complete Drawing Certificate Course’ and on the right you see her work just a few short months later.

Ellie Mae

Studying our course for several hours a week as part of her home-schooling education Ellie Mae has progressed rapidly in just a few months Ellie has made a massive improvement. While we do see great improvement all the time with our adult students its always exciting to see such dramatic results with our teenage students as well. I put a lot of this great result down to Ellie Mae’s hard work, loads of practice and sheer determination. She is such a dedicated art student with a massive and promising career ahead of her. Ellie is studying to become our first teenage art Instructor and we are so proud of her. All the best with your studies Ellie.

Ellie will have a part-time teaching position while she studies art at University; what better way to begin her career in the world of art.