Our wonderful DrawPj students made a very creative start to 2017. We’ve seen an abundance of gorgeous new artworks, including projects from the Complete Drawing Certificate course and original drawings. In fact there were so many artworks that for this post we’re only selecting from works that were submitted up to January 16th. We will present more drawings from the remainder of the month next time 🙂 Without further ado lets get started!

Coloured Pencil Drawing of Tomatoes by Deepti Raje

Coloured pencil drawing of Tomatoes

Deepti created this gorgeous drawing as an extra practice piece. After studying the full course up to Unit Five Deepti saw the original photo on Pixabay on which this artwork is based on and just had to draw it.

In this artwork Deepti has successfully created the three dimensional forms that we see here, through applying all that she has learnt so far in her course; soft edges, hard edges, gradations and the five major areas of light and shade. She has also used colour temperature, hue and excellent coloured pencil techniques to create this gorgeous drawing. The artwork was created with Derwent Coloursoft pencils on St Cuthberts Mill Saunders Waterford HP paper. Well done Deepti!

Self Portrait by Olga Rogovets

Self portrait in charcoal of Olga

We are so excited to share this absolutely stunning portrait by student Olga Rogovets. Throughout this course Olga has been developing her drawing skills at a rapid pace and this artwork is no exception. Here Olga has demonstrated a great understanding of the five major areas of light and shadow along with a very high level of comparison skills; angles, sizes, spaces and tones. Olga’s instructor Brigitte Back provided ongoing support and encouraged Olga all the way to move to the next level.

There is a wonderful arrangement of tones and some great application of the white charcoal with excellent drawing of the facial features. We also admire the gentle touch within the skin areas. Olga is only half way through the complete course and is already creating gorgeous portraits. Well done Olga and all the best as you continue onwards and upwards through the rest of the course.

Juicy Strawberry by Dimah Kadah

Coloured pencil drawing of a juicy strawberry

Wow! check out this gorgeous strawberry that has been created by Dima Kadah who is studying under our Canadian instructor Tannis Trydal. Dima has used the beautiful Derwent Coloursoft pencils to create this juicy strawberry.

In this strawberry Dima has successfully used colour temperature and analogous colours to create the luscious rounded form in the main body of the strawberry. From deep cooler reds and dark blues within the shadows into those gorgeous vibrant reds and red orange hues this artwork has been created very carefully through layers of built up colour. The sparkling white highlights are confidently applied and the result is the beautiful three-dimensional illusion of the strawberry.

The leaves have movement and a great sense of form with the cooler blue green hues sending areas back into the distance. Warmer yellows with contrasting red hues also bring the forms forward. Well done Dima on an outstanding strawberry from our Unit Five course!

Isha by Lydia Steadfast

Pencil drawing of a young girl

Congratulations to Lydia Stedfast for creating this gorgeous portrait. Lydia is studying our course under the guidance of our Canadian instructor Tannis Trydal. In this graphite pencil drawing Lydia has successfully applied all that she has been learning so far in the course to created this beautiful rendering Isha.

Its so important for everyone viewing these artworks to understand that most of our students were absolute beginners before studying with us so we are really proud of the achievements that our students make in such a short period of time. There are no tricks or gimmicks used or applied – just basic fundamental theoretical knowledge combined with the ‘Cindy Wider Method’ which requires that you access your four major comparison skills through asking a series of specific questions that you must ask yourself when you drawing. This is what I call the ‘Artist’s Language’. Very well done Lydia!

Water Lilly by Sheila Russell Perry

Coloured pencil drawing of a turtle on a lillypad with a bee above

Wow this is gorgeous! This artwork was created by Sheila Russell Perry who is studying under the guidance of our wonderful Canadian Instructor Tannis Trydal.

This completely original artwork was composed by Sheila and created as one of her practice pieces for unit six ‘Compose Original Art’. We can’t wait to see her final graduating piece! The medium is Derwent Coloursoft pencils which have been used with St Cuthberts Mill Saunders Waterford Hot pressed paper.

Self Portrait by Niko Vargas

Pencil self portrait of Niko Vargas

We are so excited to share with you this gorgeous self portrait of wonderful DrawPj student Niko Vargas. Niko has successfully created a sense of three-dimensional volume with wonderful gradations, soft edges and hard edges. He’s also discovered the full light areas, half tones, shadow edges, cast shadows and reflected light areas to create this realistic likeness. Well done Niko and all the best as you move onwards into the next exciting unit of the course.

Collage of Shading and Form exercises by Pam Tickner

A collage of shaded pencil drawings

It’s always so rewarding to hear about how much our students love our Complete Drawing Certificate Course. Pam Tickner has given me permission to share this lovely collection of her drawings from the course. Pam has been studying under the guidance of our wonderful Canadian instructor Tannis Trydal.

We are so impressed with Pam’s progress and want to encourage you all to keep on going. Keep showing up at the table and one day you will just find yourself drawing with ease almost anything you choose.

This is what Pam has to say about the Complete Drawing Certificate course…

“When I saw online, the wonderful works students were completing when undertaking Cindys course, I was truly amazed. I was inspired so much I had to try for myself to see if it was possible for me to learn and achieve what other students had achieved! I am thrilled with the outcome so far and I’m only just into the third unit (of 6). I would highly recommend Cindy’s online course. What really appealed to me was the flexibility. You can fit it in with your own busy schedule of family and work. My online tutor is wonderfully supportive and encouraging. Just got to show up at the table… don’t you Cindy.”

Yes we agree Pam; its all about actually showing up at the table and lifting that pencil up – then beginning to make marks onto the page. Just do it… just show up and the rest will take care of itself!

Well that’s the end of this post, but there are even more artworks (including the ones above) featured in the DrawPj News video update for 30th January 2017, so check that out too!

Have a great day everyone and make sure that you create time to draw.