The great student artworks just keep on coming. Here’s a wonderful selection from December. Well done everyone! Its been a great year and we’re looking forward to seeing even more inspirational artworks in 2017. Let’s get started…

Little Bird by Deepti Mohile

I am so excited to share this beautiful graphite pencil drawing by Deepti Mohile who is studying our beginner level course. Deepti has used an image from Juneartz Photos for Artists as her reference image.

drawing of a little bird

She has captured the textures in this little bird and the wood so well. There are wonderful contrasts and great attention to detail. Well done Deepti!

Horse by Olga Rogovets

Olga created the this horse drawing using the skills that she has learned from our course. Olga demonstrates her new skills with wonderful gradations, soft edges and hard edges.

Drawing of a horse

There is a beautiful even application of graphite and Olga has taken careful note of the five major areas of light and shade. Overall this is gorgeous soft and tender drawing. Well done Olga!

‘A Show Well Travelled’ by Pam Tickner

Congratulations to Pam Tickner on completing unit two with this successful drawing of the ‘Shoe Well Travelled’ final project. Pam has been studying our course along with the caring support of her instructor Tannis Trydal.

Drawing of a men's leather shoe

In this shoe Pam has created some beautiful soft and hard edges along with delicate gradations to indicate the five major areas of light and shade. This is a beautifully rendered shoe Pam well done! We look forward to seeing much more from you in the future.

‘Fred’ by Jacki Reyes Hull

Oh how cute! We are so happy to share this wonderful version of ‘Fred’ from our course workbook created by Jacki Reyes Hull who is studying our course under Tannis Trydal our amazing Canadian Instructor.

Drawing of cartoon dog

This little dog is an exercise in our unit one week five course and Jacki has personalised this little dog to make it her own. Well done Jacki.

Little Urn by Ben Yin

Check out this beautiful drawing of our little urn from unit two by the amazing Ben Yin. Ben has been developing his skills step by step and improving all the time. His instructor Tannis Trydal just had to share this beautiful drawing with us as she is also really excited about Ben’s progress in the course.

Shaded Drawing of an Urn

In this little urn you can see many soft edges, hard edges and gradations. Ben has successfully created the 5 major areas of light and shade to make this drawing a three dimensional illusion. Well done Ben we are proud of you, keep on going!

Kettle by Isabelle Montigny

We are really thrilled to be able to share this gorgeous drawing of our silver kettle from unit two with you all today. The wonderful Isabelle Montigny has really excelled with her smooth shading technique here. Not only has she successfully created all of those wonderful soft and hard edges as well as gradations, she has also rendered the five major areas of light and shadow so beautifully.

Shaded Kettle

Isabelle is studying our course under the caring guidance of our Australian instructor Brigitte Back. Well done Isabelle on consistently putting in such a great effort and your results are an indication of your tenacity.

We are very proud of you, keep on going and as we say in Australia when you have so much potential and opportunities available to you – ‘The world is your oyster’

..and another ‘Shoe Well Travelled’…
this time by Shravya Tarimela

Take a look at another gorgeous shoe created by our wonderful DrawPj student Shravya Tarimela who is studying under the guidance of our Australian Instructor Brigitte Back. Shravya has completed this drawing as the final project in unit two using the gorgeous Derwent Graphic range of pencils.

Shade drawing of a shoe

In her drawing here she has demonstrated beautiful gradations, soft edges and hard edges with very successful impressing techniques in the folds and great three-dimensional form has been achieved. Well done Shravya!

This what Shravya has to say about the experience of creating her wonderful shoe drawing from Unit Two:

“Hello everyone! This shoe has walked baby steps and it took a while to get here, but it’s finally here. Thank you my wonderful and patient instructor Brigitte Gurney-Back for your moral support and valuable suggestions!

Juicy Strawberry by Tristan Lovell

Wow take a look at this stunning strawberry that has just been completed by Tristan Lovell (our wonderful Instructor-in-training from California USA). Tristan has demonstrated an excellent understanding of form in this final project drawing.Tristan has used Derwent Coloursoft pencils.

Coloured Pencil Drawing of a Strawberry

While drawing this strawberry the goal is to discover how to use colour to bring the form forward with warm hues and send other areas backwards with cooler and darker hues. Then there are many small details to consider, with a variety of textures.

All of these challenges have been met to a high standard here and I am so proud of Tristan who has been developing his skills at a rapid pace throughout this entire course. Now Tristan will be moving into the final unit of the course where he is able to compose his own original artworks! Well done Tristan these are exciting times indeed for you.

‘Isha’ by Olga Rogovets

Here is a beautiful version of ‘Isha’ from unit three created by Olga Rogovets our beginner level student studying under the guidance of our Australian Instructor Brigitte Back. In this drawing Olga has created a fabulous tonal range of values. There are plenty of nice dark tones with many lighter tones as well.

Pencil drawing of a child

The gradations, soft and hard edges are all successfully created enabling the three-dimensional illusion of this little girl to emerge from the page!

Beautiful smooth shading has made the skin so delicate and soft. The fine lines stroked carefully into the hair have helped Olga to achieve that wonderful glistening highlight in the front area. Overall this is a successful portrait and we are so proud of you Olga, well done!

…and finally for this month…
Three ‘Old Hay Shed’s’ created by a father, son and daughter!

Oh this is just so lovely! Patrick Kiernan and his two children: Emma 9 years and Leon 11 years have all created the ‘Old Hayshed’ from our unit one week three course exercise. In Patrick’s version we can see an amazing demonstration of the six pencil techniques that are being taught. Patrick also has a good natural understanding of the comparison of light and dark which is evident in some of the areas that he has darkened here. Light and dark is studied in detail during unit two, however Patrick is off to a great head start with this skill already.

Shaded drawing of an old hay shed

Leon and Emma have both created beautiful versions below of the Old Hayshed.

Childs coloured pencil drawing of an old hayshed

We love the soft fluffy clouds, wonderful leaves and expressive markings in the wood in Emma’s drawing. Her use of colour is fabulous!

Childrens Coloured Pencil Drawing of an old hay shed

In Leon’s drawing we can see some more natural ability to compare light and dark in the grooves within the roof and inside the old drums under the hayshed. He has used wonderful colours as well. Although the actual exercise in the course is a graphite pencil drawing it is so lovely to see that Emma and Leon have had a great time colouring this drawing in and most importantly spending some valuable time with their Dad in the process.

All the best to all three of you as you make your way through the two different versions of our course – the adult course and the young childrens course. Have fun Leon and Emma too! We are excited to see more of what all three of you create from our courses!