During October and November our wonderful DrawPj students created a fantastic array of artworks. There were so many great ones that it was hard to pick out just a few examples for this post!

Lady Beetle by Yvy (aged 11) – from Unit 1 Childrens Course

Let’s get started with an artwork from one of your youngest superstars in the making. Yvy is just 11 years old and already creating outstanding drawings from the children’s version of our course (for children aged 7 to 11.)

Pencil drawing of a lady beetle

This lady beetle is an example of excellent construction drawing. Yvy has used her ability to draw curves, angles and shapes so well to develop this drawing. Yvy has been learning to draw the half circle, the egg and oval shapes as well as rectangles. Yvy is also learning that there are variations to these shapes and that most things in the world can be drawn with these shapes. This is excellent work Yvy. Well done! I love your colouring skills too! Nice dark tones around those edges and lighter in the middle. looks great!

“Shy Beauty” by Maria Blinova – Original artwork (mentored level)

I am also very excited to share this gorgeous coloured pencil drawing by mentored student Maria Blinova. Maria is very dedicated to her studies and this really shows in the high standard of work within this beautiful drawing.

Maria Blinova Rhodadendren

The gorgeous petals glow with life and the rich green leaves are filled with detail. Maria has an excellent eye for colour and has used all of her colour theory knowledge from the Unit 5 Coloured Pencil course here. This is a totally original artwork that Maria has created from her own photo reference. Well done Maria!

‘Little Urn’ by Shravya Tarimela – from Unit 2 Shading and Form

Now lets take a look at an excellent example of the ‘Little Urn’ from Unit 2 Shading and Form. I am really just so proud to be able to share this gorgeous drawing by Shravya.

Shaded pencil drawing of an Urn

Shravya is putting in real effort to develop her skills, step-by-step, one after the other, and listening to every bit of advice that has been given by her caring instructor Brigitte Back.

Brigitte has helped to guide Shravya through the course making sure that she has fully understood the smooth shading technique and where to position all the various areas of light and shade. The evidence of Shravya’s dedication is evident within this drawing. Well done Shravya on an outstanding urn. This is exactly what we are looking for in this exercise.

“A Shoe Well Travelled” by Hawraa Al-Baghli – from Unit 2 Shading and Form

Another great example from Unit 2 is this beautiful shoe rendered in graphite by Hawraa Al-Baghli who has also been studying under the careful guidance of Brigitte Back.

Shaded pencil drawing of a shoe

In this shoe Hawraa has successfully discovered the full light areas, shadow edges, cast shadows, half tones and reflected light areas. The indenting is lovely and the laces have been carefully drawn. This is a beautiful shoe, well done Hawraa!

Tree Exercise by Elizabeth Mae (aged 14) – from Unit 6 Composition

Let’s take a look now at another of our up and coming young artists of the future.

Trees rendered in coloured pencil

This beautiful coloured pencil drawing from Unit 6 has been created by 14 year old Elizabeth Mae. The textures, colours and light with shadows are all fabulous! I am so excited about the high level of drawing that Elizabeth constantly demonstrates with her course exercises and projects in our course. This is gorgeous!

“African Daisy” by Sheila Russell Perry – from Unit 5 Coloured Pencil

Another one of our amazing students Sheila Russell Perry has created this gorgeous African Daisy from our unit five course. Sheila is studying under the guidance of our wonderful Canadian instructor Tannis Trydal.

Coloured pencil drawing of an African Daisy

In this drawing Sheila has successfully used cool purples juxtaposing against the warm purple magenta hues to create depth and the illusion of three-dimensional form. The petals glow with sparkling lighter highlights and the inside of the flower looks like a mini-cosmos in itself. Lovely work!

Eye Exercise by Trung Hoang – from Unit 3 Portraiture

Here’s another stunning drawing by Trung Hoang. Trung is also studying under the careful and caring guidance of our amazing Canadian instructor Tannis Trydal.

Pencil drawing of an eye

Trung regularly creates artworks in our course at a very high standard and we can tell that he puts so much effort into these drawings. Often working long loving hours on his drawings Trung really captures the essence of the subjects he studies. This gorgeous eye is a fine example of the meticulous attention to detail that Trung gives to his drawings.

Here he has successfully used the smooth shading technique to create a wonderful three dimensional illusion of the eye. This is an excellent example of an exercise in our unit three portraiture foundations course. well done Trung we are so proud of you, keep going!

Before and After Self Portraits by Elena Khristova – from Unit 3 Portraiture Foundations

We’ll end this post with a couple of fabulous ‘before and after’ self portraits. First lets take a look at this gorgeous self-portrait by Elena Khristova.

Pencil and Charcoal self portrait

On the left side of the two images above you can see Elena’s drawing ability when she first began with us. On the right side you can see how dramatically her drawing skills have developed (and she is only half way through the Complete Drawing Certificate course!) Well done Elena, this is fabulous development and we are so excited for you. Keep going!

Before and After Self Portraits by Savannah Hostin – from Unit 3 Portraiture Foundations

Next lets take a look at this ‘before and after’ by Savannah Hostin. Savannah has been studying our course with the support of our amazing Canadian Instructor Tannis Trydal.

Pencil and Charcoal self portrait

You can see the dramatic difference between her ‘before’ image and the ‘after’ image which was created during her final project stage of unit three. Well done Savannah on a fabulous result!

Congratulations to all of our students over the last few months on your high standard of achievement and dedication to your course.

For more great student artworks check out the DrawPj.com Facebook page, and if you are an enrolled student make sure you join the DrawPj Facebook Community.

Till next time,
Remember, Just show up at the table and the rest will take care of itself!