September has been an amazingly busy month and the quality of course projects and original artworks being submitted by our wonderful DrawPj student community has been first-class. Lets get things rolling with an absolutely astounding example which we have chosen to be the DrawPj Course Project of the Month!

Course Project of the Month

“A Shoe Well Travelled” by Trung Hoang – from Unit 2 Shading and Form

Graphite drawing of a shoe

This is breathtaking! Congratulations to Trung Hoang on completing ‘A Shoe Well Travelled’ at such a high standard. Trung has been studying under the guidance of DrawPj Instructor Tannis Trydal for just a few months. He has beautifully applied all of the skills being taught in this project. Note the circling technique with hatched impressing lines to create the illusion of leather in the main part of the shoe. In the rubber sole area he has also used the smooth shading technique with masterful control.

Trung created this project with Derwent Graphic pencil on St Cuthberts Mill Saunders Waterford HP high white paper. What an excellent example of what these great products can do. Well done Trung on your rapid skill development throughout the course so far.

More Featured Course Projects

“Juicy Strawberry” by Gloria Bardell – from Unit 5 Coloured Pencil

Coloured pencil drawing of a juicy strawberry

Gloria has been studying Unit 5 with Cindy in the Coloured Pencil Bootcamp, and this is her stunning result for the final project, a wonderfully rendered juicy strawberry. Fantastic work Gloria!

This project was created using Derwent ColourSoft Pencils plus a White Graphik Line Painter Pen.  The paper is Saunders Waterford Hot pressed High White from St Cuthberts Mill.

Self Portrait Before and After by Jana Walsh – from Unit 3 Portraiture Foundations

Self Portrait in Charcoal

Here’s some stunning progress demonstrated in this before and after self portrait created by Jana Walsh who has been studying for the past few months under the caring eye of our wonderful DrawPj Instructor Tannis Trydal.

Here we can see Jana’s ‘Before’ image that was created before studying the course and in the second image you can see the ‘After’ image upon completion of Portraiture foundations. Its so great to see Jana’s excellent progress. The gentle soft edges, hard edges and gradations are so impressive.  Fabulous work Jana!

Self Portrait Before and After by David Warrington – from Unit 3 Portraiture Foundations

Self Portrait in Charcoal

David has been studying our course under the guidance of instructor Brigitte Back. See the progress for David here from the ‘before’ image on the left and the ‘after’ image on the right. David has successfully created volume and space in this beautifully rendered portrait. His soft edges, hard edges and gradations are skilfully applied here. There are some excellent full light areas created where he has added delicate amounts of white charcoal to really bring those areas forward.

Well done David on your fantastic skill development within such a short space of time.

Original Student Artworks

“Welcome to my Heritage” by Rosie Johnston – Mentored Level

Heritage Australian Home in coloured pencil

This gorgeous drawing was created in coloured pencil by mentored student Rosie who has done so extremely well with all of these delicate details and textures. Notice all the intricate patterns in those beautiful lacework balustrades, the tiny slat windows and beautifully rendered brick work. Rosie has purposefully kept the tonal range very light and low key which further adds to the atmosphere of a dreamy escapism feeling!