Here is another excellent example of how to use the Cindy Wider version of the traditional Grid Method correctly. Notice all those horizontal and vertical guidelines and all those dots that Gloria Bardell has so carefully plotted in order to create all these wonderful curves in the Grid drawing.

As a result her final outline of Oscar the Cat from Unit One is a fantastic final project drawing.

It isn’t easy for a beginner artist to draw curves and the way that we use the Grid Method helps us to break down a normally challenging task into a more logical process.

Gloria has also used ‘accent’s’ beautifully. Accents are created when we either use more pressure on our pencil (to darken and widen the line) or less pressure to lighten and taper the line. This gorgeous variation in line helps to give our drawings a more three-dimensional roundness without even adding shading. Outstanding work Gloria!

Thank you for your permission to share this great project drawing from our unit one course.

'Oscar the Cat' by Gloria Bardell

'Oscar the Cat' (grid) by Gloria Bardell