Well I just had to share this outstanding example of the use of the Grid Method with you all today. Our Unit one Graduating student David Warrington has given us permission to share this fine example with you all.

This is how to use the Cindy Wider version of the grid method; by halving the vertical and horizontal sides of each small square to plot your curves. Its a micro-management system to draw really accurately and breaks down the traditional Grid Method into a much more manageable process for beginner artists. Not only that it uses logical thinking processes which are much more accessible for beginner artists to use.

Well done David on this outstanding effort and as a result of correctly using the Grid Method exactly as it is taught your final outline drawing is outstanding! You can use this method to draw from your own photographs too if you choose. With an excellent outline drawing method now snuggly in place, imagine what you are going to be drawing like after completing just the second unit of our course; Shading and Form. Wow can’t wait to see the result!

'Sporty Buzzy Bee' by David Warrington

  1. 'Sporty Buzzy Bee' Grid by David Warrington