In this gallery we present a selection of outstanding recent artworks created by students who are either currently studying the Complete Online Drawing Course or who have graduated from the course and are now applying their skills to their own artworks.

Often our students and alumni are quite prolific and we could have easily chosen many awesome artworks top present here, however, instead we’re selecting a few to demonstrate the breadth of subject matter that our students apply their skills to.

It’s amazing what can happen when you ‘just pick up your pencil’!

For more awesome student works see our Featured Student and ‘Before and Afters‘ Galleries… plus see very latest posts on our Facebook page.


by Isabelle Montigny

We’re so excited to share with you this stunning artwork created by our Mentored Two level Student Isabelle Montigny who is studying under the careful eye of DrawPj instructor Brigitte Back. Isabelle’s skills are developing at a rapid pace and moving to a high level. We are very proud of your achievements so far Isabelle and excited to watch your progression into this professional level.

Size : 27 x 20 cm (10’ x 8’)
Medium: Graphite pencils Faber Castel and Mars Lumograph Black on St-Cuthberts Mill, Saunders Waterford, High White, HP, 300gm2

Hope and Gratitude

by Jen Jaffer

Wow! Check out this gorgeous acrylic painting by DrawPj Mentored level 2 student Jen Jaffer.

This stunning artwork exudes warmth, energy and beauty. The vibrant yellow light source is so perfectly positioned as it bounces off the background wall, lighting up the stained glass lantern and providing subtle multi-coloured reflections. This is what Jen has to say about her artwork, her words are very touching:

“When the glorious sun sets..amongst darkness a little lantern gives hope, acts as a guiding light , selflesslessly spreading its colour with joy! Like our Mentors who are our guiding light filling our lives with colour and joy! Thank you!”

Size: 60 by 70 cm – Medium: Acrylic on canvas


by Olga Rogovets

We love this expressive realism style graphite drawing of an Eagle, created by DrawPj mentored Alumni student Olga Rogovets.

In this drawing Olga has really begun to loosen up and you can see her confidence as she applied the graphite with vigour and speed. The way she has allowed the feathers to fade out around the lower part of the image is impressive. Olga has really captured the eyes, beak and head so well.

Materials used: Lyra Rembrandt pencils on 9×12′ Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper, Olga’s own reference photo and grid method to transfer the image

Ely Cathedral

by Ian Mckendrick

Ian McKendrick applied what he learned from Cindy’s courses and adapted it to drawing using an iPad and Apple pencil to create a series of amazing hyper-realistic drawings.

Ian’s subject matter of his home town of Ely, its Cathedral and surrounds have been reproduced as a series of limited edition prints which are available from Ian’s website.

Commissioned Bulldog Portrait

by Janet Daniel

This gorgeous dog was created as a commissioned artwork by our DrawPj student Janet Lee Daniel‎ who is studying our mentored course under the guidance of mentor Tannis Trydal.

Janet has applied the techniques learnt in the main DrawPj course from the sections on strokes, shading and some colour pencil techniques. Well done on another gorgeous drawing of a dog portrait and congratulations on another successful commission Janet!

Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils with a few Caran D’ache and Carbothello Pastel Pencils and a touch of Polychromos and Prismacolor premier pencils on A3 Pastelmat


by Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska‎

We absolutely love this artwork by DrawPj Alumni mentored student Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska‎. The concept is creative and so special because Marta through this artwork marta has paid homage to her son who loves Lego and fantasy. Marta has been developing her own unique and recognisable style. We can tell immediately that it is her work when she shares an image online.

Marta can be commissioned to create artworks at her Facebook page Marta’s Pencil Portraits.

Medium: Polychromos on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper; Size: A3


by Avril Parkes

Its so wonderful how Avril has been able to adapt her coloured pencil techniques from our course to using pastel pencils. In this gorgeous drawing of Basil Avril has captured a really moving moment. I am sure we can all relate to those deep loving eyes that our precious dogs give us. Such a special moment captured here.

Avril used Arbothello pastel pencils on pastel mat and a photo reference – with permission from her friend, however, Avril hasn’t just copied from a photograph and you can really tell. This drawing has so much life in it! She has used her colour temperature theory taught in our course, to help areas recede and come forward on the picture plane. Excellent work Avril, well done!


by Liesbeth Ramon

This is a stunning portrait in graphite by Liesbeth Ramon. I was deeply moved by the innocence and natural beauty Liesbeth captured in this one single moment. The hair softly blows in the wind, there is movement in this image and so much emotion.

Liesbeth is enrolled into our mentored level course and has been studying our art course at DrawPj.com under the guidance of Brigitte Back. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artwork Liesbeth.

A Shoe Well Travelled

by Ryan Lee

We love Ryan’s version of the “Shoe Well Travelled” project from the Complete Online Drawing Course. Beautifully rendered shading and form give this shoe an almost photo real quality. Well done Ryan!