Just in case you missed the announcement, I launched a new course early this month. It’s called Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets.

Since then DrawPj’ers have been going nuts for badgers! I’ve absolutely loved it every time I see a new ‘Mr Andy Snufflewood’ pop up in my Facebook group feed.

The great thing is that you’re all doing so well. You’re all getting awesome results and fast!

Thanks everyone for posting your Mr Andy Snufflewood drawings and for allowing me to share some of them on this page below:

First up we have Claire Eadie’s Mr Snufflewood.

Claire is the presenter of the awesome YouTube colouring channel Colour with Claire.

Lots of lovely warmth in the highlight areas make Claire’s Andy Snufflewood glow radiantly.

You can watch Claires review of Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets here: 

Keep on reading for more Andy Snufflewoods below…

Artist: Claire Eadie

Artist: Tracie Walters

What I really love about Tracie’s drawing is that the head has a good sense of rounded form and there are some nice dark tones in the overalls with great reflected light.

 Artist: Ruth Duckett Waite

Ruth’s placement of blue and purple tones in the fur of his face work really well to send those areas into shadow. Theres a beautiful gradation in the shadow areas of his overalls.

Artist: Janet Steele-Cox

I love the beautiful glow that Janet has created in the foreground arm and in his face. His little furry feet look nice and fluffy.


Artist: Monica Ferm

Monica’s Andy Snufflewood looks like he’s ready for some serious hard work. The shadows in the face are very effective giving a nice sense of rounded form.

Artist: Gerda Snyers

Gerda has created a stunning gradation in the yellow overalls. The fur in the face is beautifully created with a nice solid sense of form.

Artist: Betty Lankford

I love the confident expressive qualities of Betty’s Andy Snufflewood. He has a lively painterly quality with lots of love evident.

If you’d like to have fun learning coloured pencil techniques by creating your own Mr Andy Snufflewood check out my course Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets.