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No experience is necessary and all you need is just 1 pencil and ordinary paper.

I’ll show you how to draw nine cute farmland animals in left and right-facing views using my easy 3-step process.

Imagine how impressed your friends, family and loved ones will be when they see you effortlessly draw cute farmland animals from memory!

Here’s a very quick taster… there’s more in the mini guide!

Step: 1

Start out slowly as you work out where to place all of the shapes. Think about what size they are, what angle they’re on and where to put in them in relation to the other shapes.

Step 2:

Create the outline by choosing to draw inside or outside the shapes.

Step 3:

Your drawing is complete. Optionally erase the underlying shapes. If you don’t have an eraser just press super-softly when you draw your shapes at the start.

You feel the need… the need for speed!
How to draw your farmland animal in 60 seconds

Once you’ve understood how to draw the shapes and where to create your outline, it’s time to practice by repeating the drawing as many times as you can.

With practice you’ll develop a visual memory of each farmland animal until you no longer have to look at the shapes and you can draw it from memory. When you draw from memory you can then speed up.

The more you practice the faster you will go. Make it a game. Time yourself! Can you break the 60 second barrier! of course you can!

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Happy Drawing Times!