Title: Imaginary Play – With the Cuddleecats in the Nursery

In this first public release of my new course Color Along with Cindy – “Imaginary Play” the cute little Cuddleecat kittens are happily playing in the nursery.

Maya is pouring imaginary tea from her favorite white-china gold-rimmed teapot and Ginger is stacking her blocks higher and higher. She’s reaching for the stars and I’m sure she’ll get there too!

This has been such a popular course in Cindys Drawing Club that I’ve decided to make it available for everyone to purchase.

In this course you’ll learn how to use just one simple watercolor technique to quickly and easily create large even backgrounds. I also show you how to create beautiful color transitions using colored pencil on top.

I’m using Derwent Inktense pencils scribbled into a puddle of water so it becomes just like watercolor (but you can even use ordinary watercolor if you don’t have them available.) After that painting layer is dry, I put colored pencil over the top.

It’s a great method that I’m using to also illustrate my upcoming children’s picture book.

Cindys Drawing Club Member Drawings

Although I’m only just releasing this color-along to the world, we’ve actually had this course available as an Activity in Cindy’s Drawing Club for a little while now. Here are some examples below (shared with permission from our wonderful club members) and this is what they had to say about their experience painting this image:

Colleen Cooke – Australia

“This was so much fun, I love the Cuddleecats. I really enjoyed using the Inktense and colored pencils, I learnt so much!’

Jeanie Specht – USA

“This picture was a lot of fun to work on and it has me wanting to try different ways of using Inktense.”

Enrol into my ‘Imaginary Play’ color-along course here:

Color Along with Cindy – “Imaginary Play”