This week let’s talk about the roller-coaster ride known as ‘the Learning Curve’.

Whenever I try to learn something new, and the process becomes a bit difficult I sometimes become what I call ‘a squealing prawn’… but I’m fine with that because its perfectly normal to be a squealing prawn sometimes.

You might even become a squealing prawn too when you are learning a new drawing skill, but that’s okay. You are absolutely fine too! It’s to be expected.

You are probably now wondering why I am comparing myself to some kind of noisy seafood. 🙂


The Highs and the Lows

When we set out to learn a lovely new drawing skill we start with high hopes, filled with the expectation of quick success. After a short while though reality sets in, and we can soon dive into the depths of despair as things don’t go quite as planned… welcome to the LEARNING CURVE!

I’ve written a document about the process which you can download below…

Learning to Draw and the Learning Curve (PDF)

As ever, if you have some ‘squealing prawn’ and learning curve experiences of your own to share, then do post a comment, send me an email or post in the DrawPj forums. I’ll be happy to hear from you.