Conclusion of our series of posts about your natural gifts for drawing…

By combining the four natural gifts that you already have with some traditional art skills, you will be quickly able to draw. You don’t need to enter any mysterious altered state of consciousness, or study arduously for years in order to be able to draw a likeness. All you have to do is believe you can and know how to combine the four natural gifts that you already have using appropriate drawing exercises.

Of course, for many artists drawing also forms the basis for researching and planning a painting. If you intend starting out your journey of self discovery through art, drawing is great skill to have in your ‘kitbag’, both as an art in itself and as part of the painting process.

The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Art Course contains exercises specifically designed to help you develop your four natural gifts for drawing, and then combine them to form the whole skill, whilst at the same developing some foundation painting and colour mixing skills.