Did you know that the average healthy person is on a daily basis already using the skills needed for drawing realistically?

The exciting thing about learning to draw is that you already possess natural gifts that you can combine to form the whole skill needed for drawing. You probably haven’t even thought of them as gifts before, but they are at the foundation of your ability to draw.

The most wonderful thing is that you don’t have to learn anything new, you just have to be shown how to combine these natural gifts in the unique way necessary for drawing, and, by using some drawing methods handed down to us from the great master artists the whole process becomes easier to learn in a shorter period of time.

Drawing with your four natural gifts

When I first realised I could draw at the age of 23 years, I became fascinated to discover where this ability came from. I thought a miracle had happened; that I’d suddenly stumbled upon a wonderful big secret. It took years of curiosity, investigation and study to fully understand that drawing skills stem from four natural comparison gifts that everyone has. Through patience, determination and perseverance, I managed to refine and combine these four comparison skills some traditional art methods and techniques to form the whole skill of drawing.

The more I helped others learn to draw, the more it became evident to me that everyone has these four natural gifts. I found that my students, who previously believed they couldn’t draw, were easily able to access each natural gift separately. However they needed help to learn how to combine them with traditional art skills, to form the whole skill of drawing. They too were soon able to draw with an incredible resemblance to the subject in a relatively short period of time.

In the following series of posts you can take a quick and fun quiz to discover your four natural gifts and the areas you need to work on to be able to learn to draw.

Relax… This is for fun and there are no incorrect answers! Click on the links below to get started.